Guitar Instrumental Recordings

Welcome to my Music page! I'll add new music here, as and when it's recorded. Mostly guitar instrumental music these days.

Thanks for listening !!

Sector NINE - Rock/Fusion/Progressive/Funk/Blues/Experimental band from the UK.
Phil Craigie - Guitar / Trevor Pollitt - Bass / Rob Gould - Keyboards and Vocals.
All music written, recorded and produced by Sector Nine ©2020

Phil Craigie - Warning Signs

​1. Warning Signs 
2. I Saw What You Did 
3. Premonition No.7 
4. Samadhi

​ © 2019 Phil Craigie      [ Download ]

Phil Craigie - Staring At The Stars

​ 1. A Thousand Miles
2. KV17
3. Because It's There
4. Two Sides Of A Dream

© 2016 Phil Craigie   [ Download ]

Phil Craigie - Lost Ages

​ A section of the soundtrack I composed for a Myst -like game that was in developement a few years ago.

© 2016 Phil Craigie

Phil Craigie - Frontiers

A set of tracks I recorded in the mid/late 90's on a Tascam 488 Tape Machine.
I played Guitar, Bass and Keyboards and did some Drum Programming.
Carl Howard provided Bass on Tracks 1, 2 and 5
Tony Small played Drums on Track 5
Simon Lind on Vocals on Track 3
Cover Art by Jurgen Ziewe.

© 1995 Phil Craigie

Phil Craigie - Lunatic Logic

1. Lunatic Logic
2. Wish
3. Belvedere
4. Dont Scratch It !
5. Brain in a Jar
6. It Never Rains

An album of guitar instrumentals from 1990.
Recorded using a Kramer 3000, Zoom 9030, Yamaha DX7,
Yamaha sequencer, Korg Drum Machine into a Tascam 4 track Porta One Cassette Recorder.

Written and Recorded by Phil Craigie

Album release date:

1 August 1990

© 1990 Phil Craigie